Department of English Philology

English unites the World: The key to the World
1. Introduction to the Department of English Philology
Welcome to the Department of English Philology. English Philology is the study of the English language in all its aspects, such as its sounds, words, sentences and meanings. Our department helps you become proficient in the language and communicate fluently, as well as prepare you for various careers related to English. Our department offers education in the following four areas:
  • English linguistics: You will gain linguistic knowledge and learn how to analyze the language structure and function.
  • English communication: You will improve your listening, speaking, writing, reading and grammar skills through practical exercises and activities.
  • Teacher education: You will learn the theories and methods of teaching English as a foreign language.
  • Practical English: You will learn how to use English in translation, tourism and international trade contexts.

Our department also offers advanced courses, such as Corpus English and AI & English Learning and Teaching, to nurture you as a future leader who can innovate and lead in a tech-first world. You will use your knowledge of English, linguistics, and technical tools to adapt to the rapidly changing international society. After graduation, you will become a professional who can play a pivotal role in society.
2. Our Visions (3Ds) to a Holistic Communicator
  • Dynamic Communication

  • Diversity (Linguistic and Cultural)

  • Digital Literacy
3. Our Educational Goals
To fulfill our 3D visions, we set the five goals:

  • Developing the English skills to communicate with foreigners on various topics freely (Dynamic Communication)
  • Understanding the linguistic domain of English and other languages and cultivating critical and creative thinking skills (Linguistic Diversity)
  • Enhancing in-depth knowledge of English through cross-cultural education (Cultural Diversity)
  • Being able to utilize language software and AI (Digital Literacy)
  • Finally being a holistic communicator as a person and a professional.
4. Our Curriculum
Our curriculum was developed by encompassing five areas in order for students to achieve the goals:

  • Courses for Initiative, Creative, and Critical Thinking.
Creative Thinking, Global Etiquette, Planning, Case Studies of Successful Company, Economics in Life.

  • Courses for Dynamic Communication.
General English 1-4, English Grammar, English Conversation, English Vocabulary and Usage, English Translation Practice, IELTS 1-2, Tourism English, Business English, Practical English Composition.

  • Courses for Linguistic and Cultural Diversity.
English Linguistics, English Phonetics, English Phonology, English Syntax, Cross-cultural Communication, American Culture and Movies, English Translation, Korean Language 1-6, Russian Language 1-6, Korean Cultural Travel.
  • Courses for Digital Literacy.
Corpus Linguistics, AI & English Learning and Teaching, Python Programming, Data Analysis and Visualization, Multimedia English 1-2, Machine Translation, MOS Cores Work, AI in Life, Coding Fundamentals.

  • Courses for being an English Teacher.
Speech Culture of Teachers, Contrastive Literature, General Pedagogy, General Psychology, English Stylistics, Lexicology, Practicum .
5. Career Paths after Graduation
After graduation, you can work in the various fields:

  • English teachers (K-12 teaching) in public and private schools and instructors at language centers

  • Interpreters and translators

  • Diplomats and international organizations

  • Airlines, hotels, banks, travel agencies, and domestic and international companies

  • Broadcasting companies, publishing houses, press companies, marketing, advertising and media, culture and arts-related companies

  • Graduate school (MA, PhD, DSc)
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