Department of Korean Studies

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1. Department's educational goals
The Department of Korean Studies at Hwashin Korea University cultivates K-PPT suitable for the global era based on the education system of Korean universities: Professionals who understand Korean studies and promote them in various fields such as media, business, diplomacy, etc.
Professors and educators who can accurately and systematically teach the Korean language and culture; and Translators who can interpret/translate Korean, Uzbek, Russian, etc. We aim to nurture talented people who hold both skills and good personality based on the curriculum, faculty, and facilities of Hwashin Korea University
2. Curriculum Introduction
Global trend, liberal arts, classes and Korean history, culture, economics, Korean language, etc.

1st year
  • Basic liberal arts + Basic foreign languages
  • Basic major courses

2nd year
  • Basic Liberal Arts + Intermediate Foreign Languages
  • Intermediate major courses

3rd year
  • Advanced major courses

4th year
  • Field practice + Graduation Exam
  • Specialized major courses
3. Diverse and distinctive department experience
  • Lecturing by renowned experts in Korean language and culture
  • Systematizing Korean language education and applied knowledge of Korean society and culture
  • Cultivating professionals in the field of Korean studies with rich background knowledge
  • Fostering interpreters and translators with high proficiency and accuracy
  • Nurturing Korean language teachers with both wisdom and virtue
  • Organizing Korean cultural festival and academic presentation
  • Offering clubs related to the Korean language and Korean culture
  • Facilitating transferring to departments related to Korean studies at Korean universities or applying to graduate schools
  • Providing Korean language teaching programs, such as Korean and TOPIK, to the people in the community.
4. Major employment fields
  • Educational institutions (schools, education centers, King Sejong Institutes)
  • Interpretation and Translation Centers
  • Embassies
  • Research Organizations
  • Travel agencies
  • Broadcasting Stations
  • Companies
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