Department of International Trade

To the Ocean
1. Educational objectives of the department
Uzbekistan's significance as a logistics hub in Central Asia is becoming more important as trade with international countries expands and the country joins the World Trade Organization which the guiding philosophy is free, open, and transparent competition. This will give many opportunities as follows:
2. Curriculum Introduction
  • Providing a variety of engaging theory and practice classes in areas, such as trade, logistics, and e-commerce based on international trade and practice

  • Fostering innovative talents with global competitiveness in international logistics

  • Cultivating creative workers with a strong awareness of the global economy and trade, as well as the ability to solve challenges through convergent thinking
3. International and Departmental Certificates
The following International (Korean) and departmental certificates are available to students in the Department of International Trade each academic year. Your ability to compete internationally will be significantly improved by using the following certificates:
4. Wide-ranging and unique departmental experience
Our department provides a number of benefits and chances to improve your education and job prospects in global logistics, including

  • Programs for sending students abroad to Korea, Russia, and Central Asia.
  • University-sponsored initiatives that offer on-the-job, practical, and vocational education
  • Transfer options to top Korean institutions' trade-related majors (2+2, 3+1) and entrance to graduate programs
  • Job placement and field training for Korean businesses engaged in commerce
  • Reduced tuition costs compared to other institutions by participating in extracurricular activities
  • Free Korean language programs
  • Various advantages of the scholarship program
  • Important club programs (e-business, Excellab, Startup)
  • Community service projects that benefit the locals
5. Major employment fields
  • Enterprises: Trading companies, large companies in the manufacturing/service sector, etc.

  • Public sector: trade associations, various trade-related organizations

  • Public officials: Customs Service, National Tax Service, various trade-related officials

  • Graduate programs and research institutions: Admission to prestigious domestic and international graduate programs, as well as national research centers focused on trade and corporate economics.
  • The reduction in customs tariffs allows consumers to purchase low-cost, high-quality goods and services. The cost of logistics is greatly lowered.
  • The lower the price of imported raw materials, the lower the price of domestically manufactured final goods.
  • The dominant position of some monopolistic enterprises in the country will be ended, and a free-market atmosphere will be established.
To meet this issue, we must develop a new method of growth through international trade that is linked to an efficient logistics system.
Our department works to educate individuals capable of competing in the global market by combining knowledge in international trade and modern shipping logistics that connect dry ports and sea ports. Through education in different disciplines relevant to international transactions, including as foreign exchange, finance, e-business, and logistics, we also hope to cultivate key competences for national development strategies aimed at the global economy.
1st year
  Principles of management
  Principles of economics
  Basics of liberal arts
  Basic foreign language

2nd year
  Principles of international trade
  Principles of international logistics
  Basics of Python coding
  Basics of liberal arts
  Intermediate foreign language

3rd year
  Trade English
  International sales contract
  International trade payments
  Advanced foreign languages

4th year
  Customs practice
  Internatioinal financial markets
  Financial analysis
  Graduation exam
  Field practice
International (Korean) Certifications
• Trade English Level 1
• Trade English Level 2
• International Trade
• Financial Big Data Analyst Certification
• Distribution Management Certification
• Logistics Management Certification
• Customs Broker Certification

Departmental Certifications
• Microsoft Excel Certification
• 1C Accounting Certification
• Coding Fundamentals Certification
• Related Activity Certifications
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